Jean-Marc Möckel

Fullstack Developer
@JaStech GmbH


I am a Fullstack Software Developer with experience of half a decade. The whole Typescript ecosystem is my home turf, where I love to build aplications using mainly React, Nest.js or Next.js.

Furthermore I also love to expand my knowledge in DevOps practices and software architecture topics. I think these are important components to understand the bigger picture about a software.


I've created this blog here to share my learnings and give something back to the developer community. Writing about my passion is also a great channel to express myself and to get thoughts out of my head where others can benefit from.


Currently I'm working at JaStech GmbH as a Fullstack Developer. We're building tailored software solutions for other companies to make their businesses more productive and to stand out from their competitors.


What fascinates me most about software development is the fact that I can build stuff without limitations. Planning and turning an idea into a usable application is really satisfying for me. That's the reason why I also love to build stuff in my freetime.

Furthermore I'm a huge believer that every human has at least one determination. Building things in general is my biggest. Over the years I've been on the path to find that out and tried different things until I got into software development, where I can live my full potential. It felt and still feels like revealing a secret where I can express myself to the maximum.

When I'm not coding or learning new stuff, I enjoy being together with my wife and son or hitting a CrossFit workout. Cooking, reading and being in nature are ways for me to bring balance into my life.